7 Days to Give to Ignite A Healthy Food Revolution

7 Days to Give to Ignite A Healthy Food Revolution

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Our Raisin’ Fresh Futures fundraising campaign wraps up in seven days on Friday, August 1st. Over the last two months, in addition to winning a $25,000 award, we’ve had $15,100 in monetary and in-kind donations. We want to take the time to celebrate those who have already contributed and encourage our supporters to join this North Charleston, SC good food movement.

A BIG THANKS to the following individuals and groups for their support:

  • A. Gregory (OR) – $100 donation
  • M. Cooper (SC) – $500 donation
  • Jones Ford (SC) – modular building and deck valued at over $12,000
  • Select Health of SC (SC) – $2500 donation

More in-kind donations are rolling in:

With almost $10,000 needed to meet our campaign goal, we need your help to get out the word and help us open neighborhood grocery store and farm by winter 2014:

Here are some of our big ticket needs for the launch of the store (in order of need):

  • Soil compaction testing – $3000
  • Moving our modular building to the Success Street site – $4000
  • Water connection to the modular building – $1500

And, of course, once our store is in place, we will be moving in to the second phase of our development which is the completion of the farm site. For this we will be constructing hoop houses ($10,000), chicken coops, raised beds, and other smaller structures. We also will need heavy duty wheel barrows and garden tools and other materials to get this urban ag show on the road.

Please consider helping us reach our campaign goal this week so we can launch our store as soon as possible!

And don’t forget, we have some great campaign incentives, listed on our homepage: FreshFutureFarm.org


If these particular needs seem out of reach, we also offer an iGive option, where online vendors donate to our cause based on your shopping.

Go to iGive.com/freshfuturefarm to sign up.

Thanks again for all the support!

It Takes a Village to Raze Food Disparities

It Takes a Village to Raze Food Disparities

I’ve got a Thursday afternoon confession family. I had to Google ‘raze’ and then change the title of this blog post so I didn’t jinx our initiative as ‘raze’ means to tear down, pull down or wipe out. Adios, lack of access!

Anyway, things are definitely moving and shaking in Chicora-Cherokee!  We’ve got to do a minor tune up to our site plan for the North Charleston Planning Department and then WHAM – we’re gonna need major help.  We’ll be bringing the workday/potluck theme from Chicora Place Community Garden in the next few weeks and months to meet our goal of opening our neighborhood grocery store this winter. Reach out if any of these volunteer/donation opportunities are up your alley:

Help reconnect our deck por favor...

Help reconnect our deck por favor…


A.) Deck/Building

  • reinforcing/reassembling our deck
  • adding shutters to our windows
  • putting a cover on our AC unit
  • installation of solar motion lights
  • shed work
  • EXTRA COOL POINTS: Setting up our farm store and offices to operate on solar power.

B.) Dumpster Dwelling

  • building out a privacy space for our dumpster/recycling station (privacy fencing and post donations would be awesome)

C.) Hoop Houses

  • we need some take charge and friendly teacher construction types to use our Growing Power plans to lead a community build on two hoop houses and a chicken coop. (I’ll be serving iced mint tea and shouting Hercules!)


  • We need to paint the exterior of the Jones Ford modular building to pump up the excitement to our community store. My daughter, an artist and designer, is working on a mural for the store interior and will need some hands to help get the mural painted.

FIFTY SHADES OF GREEN THUMBS – whether you can garden blindfolded or need help keeping a Chia pet alive WE NEED YOU!

  • landscaping our buffer zones (rugosa rose bushes, clumping bamboo, pineapple guava, loquats and kumquats, spreading blackberries and raspberries, fruiting bananas, and rosemary bush donations would be greatly appreciated)
  • Spreading out wood chips and compost to build our beds for August planting.
  • Compost bin construction
  • EXTRA COOL POINTS: We need some greenhouse space to start our seedlings.


  • Helping us feed the troops during these volunteer opportunities. We can probably raid the community garden for some of the veggie sides but will need some nibble while you work food donations.


  • There are only two of us and almost 10 grant opportunities coming round the mountain. If you slip into ‘grantese’ in casual conversations and can do this work from home, holla!

Don’t be shy. We need volunteer worker bees, donor bees, and more. If you don’t see anything that suits your skills, then help a farm sista out and share our list with your circle of talented friends. The more the merrier!!!

Either comment on this blog post or send a private e-mail message to freshfuturefarm@gmail.com, please . As we see who signs up, we’ll send out follow-up emails and put out a calendar.

Hasta luego!

Fresh Future Farmer G

Jones Ford Driven to Support Social Enterprise

Jones Ford Driven to Support Social Enterprise


Building Community

Clearly, the North Charleston grapevine is strong. Two weeks ago, I was sharing some updates on our nonprofit farm and market project with another local business owner when a juicy Jones Ford tip surfaced.

The next day, after picking up my future college student from Trident Tech, I pulled in to Jones Ford’s Rivers Avenue parking lot to check the status of the modular building that Enterprise Rent-A-Car currently occupies. During that visit, I spoke with David Walters, Sr., President and General Manager. I asked about the building and gave Mr. Walters our business card. Twenty-four hours later, Mr. Walters called to let us know that Fresh Future Farm could take possession of the portable building as soon as Enterprise moved to its new location on July 9th!

Giving Green & Local dave-ramp

With the help of Mr. Ford’s children, spouses and grandchildren who have kept up with his tradition of quality customer service, this family-owned and operated car dealership has been in the same location at the corner of Rivers and Remount Avenue for the last 47 years. They are in the process of making major renovations to three new buildings.

The portable office structure, which is valued at over $12,000, is going to be upcycled as Fresh Future Farm’s retail store and offices and benefit the Chicora-Cherokee community which is only 6 short miles away from the dealership. If our operation can positively impact the Chicora-Cherokee community for half as long as Jones Ford has been around then we’ll all be blessed.

Thanks again to David Walters, Sr. and Jones Ford for their generous contribution in support of our vision for a healthier and more prosperous community!