In the season of Janet Jackson music references we are proud, determined and dare I say giddy to share what we have accomplished in the last two years.

With your support, we have S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D dollars by leveraging in-kind donations – North Charleston property, a modular building, shelving, iPads, a Square POS system and more – to transform a grassy field into a farm and retail grocery store in less than two years. By reclaiming every possible item fromĀ  vacant land to wood chips to store furniture we are able to channel your dollars into a great variety of fresh new food and jobs for less than the annual salary of a manager at a traditional grocery store.

Ending the cycle of poverty in communities like ours requires a shift from solely human service work to getting commerce dollars and entrepreneurial opportunities flowing again the way they do everyday in the suburbs. The cool thing about our urban farming model is that it provides much needed services, you don’t need an expensive college degree to do it and it can be replicated in almost any community. We need your help to keep growing our product, service, training and job offerings.

Please check out our progress, share with friends and family and consider making a tax-deductible gift to ‘turnip’ for food justice and food access in North Charleston, SC.