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Our Raisin’ Fresh Futures fundraising campaign wraps up in seven days on Friday, August 1st. Over the last two months, in addition to winning a $25,000 award, we’ve had $15,100 in monetary and in-kind donations. We want to take the time to celebrate those who have already contributed and encourage our supporters to join this North Charleston, SC good food movement.

A BIG THANKS to the following individuals and groups for their support:

  • A. Gregory (OR) – $100 donation
  • M. Cooper (SC) – $500 donation
  • Jones Ford (SC) – modular building and deck valued at over $12,000
  • Select Health of SC (SC) – $2500 donation

More in-kind donations are rolling in:

With almost $10,000 needed to meet our campaign goal, we need your help to get out the word and help us open neighborhood grocery store and farm by winter 2014:

Here are some of our big ticket needs for the launch of the store (in order of need):

  • Soil compaction testing – $3000
  • Moving our modular building to the Success Street site – $4000
  • Water connection to the modular building – $1500

And, of course, once our store is in place, we will be moving in to the second phase of our development which is the completion of the farm site. For this we will be constructing hoop houses ($10,000), chicken coops, raised beds, and other smaller structures. We also will need heavy duty wheel barrows and garden tools and other materials to get this urban ag show on the road.

Please consider helping us reach our campaign goal this week so we can launch our store as soon as possible!

And don’t forget, we have some great campaign incentives, listed on our homepage:


If these particular needs seem out of reach, we also offer an iGive option, where online vendors donate to our cause based on your shopping.

Go to to sign up.

Thanks again for all the support!