The Vision

Fresh Future Farm leverages food justice (communities exercising their right to grow, sell and eat healthy food. Healthy food is fresh, nutritious, affordable, culturally-appropriate, and grown locally with care for the well-being of the land, workers, and animals/JUSTFOOD.ORG) to address food, health, economic, and environmental disparities in the southern portion of North Charleston, SC. We revitalize vacant city land to

  • grow chemical free produce;
  • accept cash, credit and SNAP benefits for our produce and basic and specialty (dairy, nut and gluten alternatives) groceries;
  • house an observation bee hive;
  • raise hens;
  • manage the Chicora Place Community Garden;
  • offer STEM based farm tours, teach gardening and cooking classes; and,
  • create a sense of pride by highlighting the connection between agriculture, food history and ancestry in a manner that creates community and job opportunities for the people living in Charleston Heights.

With many volunteers and donors we worked our fingers to the bone to get the farm and store open to the public.

Food Underground Pop Up Dinner

Food Underground Pop Up Dinner

Next steps include building out the farm tour area, adding an incubator kitchen and a passive greenhouse.

Economic Opportunity for Marginalized People

South Carolina commissioned a report (Making Small Farms into Big Business) that quantifies the need and economic potential that small farms have on building the state’s economy. The Palmetto State spends $11 billion of food annually and less than $2 billion is produced in state. In a climate where a dollar only circulates in most black communities for six hours, leveraging food justice work generates economic development which gets dollars circulating by creating livable wage jobs, which will have a long term impact on poverty.

Fresh Future Farm is a unique nonprofit model that creates a diverse revenue stream of paid services to cover the cost of its programs and eventually become self-sufficient and able to focus its time and talents on fulfilling our mission of making communities healthier.

 Take it to the neighborhood

In permaculture the problem is the solution. If a community has no healthy food or healthy jobs, why not grow healthy food and entrepreneurship opportunities in that neighborhood?

Fresh Future Farm will grow food and the economy in the Charleston Heights area of North Charleston through the following products and services.

  •     Farm & Farm Store
  •     Educational Farm Tours for school youth, families and out-of-town visitors
  •     Workshops on innovative small & urban farming techniques
  •     Collaborative community development projects with strategic partners