Although Fresh Future Farm is a labor of love, it is extremely HARD to bootstrap an inner-city farm from the ground up (pun intended). If it was all up to me, our farm store would be open today but it hasn’t worked out that way. Sometimes there is discouragement when our carefully laid plans don’t unfold as we hoped. Those ‘blah’ feelings were occurring on a regular basis UNTIL I was chosen as one of a handful of brave Lowcountry women by the Center for Women. Sharing a table with these strong ladies who are surviving huge challenges was therapeutic because it put FFF’s temporary situation into perspective. We’ll continue to harvest summer crops, work on our fall crops and donate our hyperlocal organic produce to seniors, individuals and organizations in North Charleston – Destiny Community Cafe is one of our favorites. As we master the bureaucratic side of community economic development, we’ll share best practices so that urban farming will be easier for the next SC community.

Now when I start to feel overwhelmed, I play this video. Hopefully it will benefit someone else today.

Happy Sunday y’all! And yes, I really do laugh that much.