Pricing Index for Services

This chart highlights the necessity for developing an expense template for employees of Fresh Future Farms (FFF) traveling and speaking about the importance of the Farm along with services rendered by the Farm. All funds generated support Fresh Future Farm operations.

  • Germaine Jenkins (co-founder/CFO) —  Honorarium: $1,000.00
  • Other Employees (administrative and farm staff) — Honorarium: $450.00

In addition to honorariums for each FFF staff member, the host will:

  • Local: Pay travel cost for each staff member at $0 .53 per mile
  • Out of State: Pay travel and accommodation costs (airfare, hotel, meals)
  • FFF honors grassroots work and is willing to negotiate the price for persons and groups that are involved in food justice work and grassroots community building.

Mobile Classes:

In addition to groups coming to the FFF for volunteer work and educational learning, FFF also has in place a component for members of FFF to travel to sites for mobile/technological presentations of the work of FFF

Classes Offered to the Community: (These classes will be offered for $700. All of the supplies given out are included in this cost. The maximum participant number for each class is fifteen persons).

Intro to Home Gardening

Container Gardening

Intro to Food Justice Work

Ancestral Food & Farming Practices

Composting 101

Seeding on a Budget

Banana Basics

Healthy Fast Food

Bread Making

Kombucha Making (Anik Hall)

Consulting Rates for Fresh Future Farm:

There is no charge for travel within a 15-mile radius of Charleston, SC. Beyond that radius, mileage will be charged at the current federal IRS rate and/or an additional hourly rate will be charged depending on the distance involved.

Project Fees:

Major Projects:  $1000 to $3000

  • Consulting on logistics
  • Offering project plans
  • Several meetings
  • Projects lasting longer than 3 months or requiring additional meetings are charged at different rates (including the group’s expenses, i. e. travel and accommodations).

School/ Church Garden Support:  $300 – $700

  • Project plan
  • Supply list
  • 15 hours
  • Additional cost will be added for maintenance and other care

Home Garden Support (This is a special program for people in the greater Charleston area)

  • 50% off cost and FFF cover the rest
  • Meet with FFF and create a plan
  • Empowerment and dignity of working with the soil

To schedule a speaking or consulting engagement, please contact us.