Ideas Into Action: Environmental Justice

by Jessica Boylston-Fagonde


While preparing for our last meeting, Omar Muhammad’s name came up several times as a groundbreaking leader working to improve our community. He’s the President, and soon to be Executive Director, of Lowcountry Alliance of Model Communities, located in North Charleston.

After speaking to him recently, I knew he needed to be our next guest presenter — because his work takes Asset Based Community Development to the next level, which he defines as “Environmental Justice.”

In a nutshell, Environmental Justice addresses environmental and public health concerns within a community — issues affecting everyday quality of life (like access to fresh, healthy food)– while recognizing the value of community members’ voices in creating solutions to these complex issues.

Then Germaine Jenkins, our second speaker, will share her work – which is an amazing example of Environmental Justice in action . . .
Germaine is the founder and executive director of Fresh Future Farm in North Charleston, and her work epitomizes Omar’s approach to community development. Since 2014, Germaine has worked to create a farm in the heart of a ‘food desert’ — an impoverished community that previously had little or no access to affordable, nutritious food.

Her mission there is to leverage food justice — a community’s right to grow and sell affordable, healthy food that’s grown locally with care for the well-being of the land, workers, and animals. Her work addresses food, health, economic, and environmental disparities in the southern portion of North Charleston.

I’m excited to have these two share their stories, knowledge, and mission — and to hear about the important work they’re doing in our community.

Gather for Good: We’ll be collecting supplies and donations for Fresh Future Farm. Here’s a list of supplies that are useful to keep their farm equipped and running. Cash/check donations are always helpful too!
• Children and adult garden gloves
• Towels
• Pruners
• Hand tillers


Tuesday, June 6, 2017
9:30 AM – 11:00 AM EDT


Center for Jewish LIfe
477 Mathis Ferry Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464